Cult Proofing Your Life And Family (2 Of 7) by Rick Ferguson

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INTRODUCTION: This past March, the world was stunned and
shocked by the gruesome discovery of 39 decomposing bodies, neatly
dispersed throughout a million dollar plus mansion in Rancho Santa Fe
California, an elite neighborhood 20 miles north of San Diego. The
dead were apparently the participants in a “mass cult suicide.”

The so-called “Heaven’s Gate Cult” was led by a castrated homosexual,
the son of a Presbyterian minister. The 65 year old Marshall Herff
Applewhite... (with a name like that, no wonder the guy was
emotionally distraught.)... Applewhite had been leading a band of
believers around the nation for more than 20 years, indoctrinating them
with out-landish beliefs that were a deadly mixture of the:
? Bible,
? Christianity,
? New-Age,
? Age-old Gnosticism,
? theosophy,
? extra-terrestrialism,
? and Star Trek.

The whole story behind the Heavens Gate cult is both shocking and
scary. I mean what was the magnetism in Applewhite that would
mesmerize a 72 year old grandmother from Iowa (Jacqueline Leonard)
to leave her family and friends behind and follow this “Kook” around
the country for more than 20 years, waiting for a UFO to “beam her

Or what was there about the mysterious powers of Applewhite that
would convince Yvonne McCurdy-Hill, a 39 year old mother of 5 from
Cincinnati to abandon her children and live like a hobo and ultimately
mix a deadly concoction of pudding, Phenobarbital and vodka eat it
then asphyxiate herself with a plastic bag over her head?

CRAZY? You say... But the haunting fear that it brings is that these
peopl ...

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