You Shall Call His Name Jesus by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
MATTHEW 1:18-25
DECEMBER 18, 1994

Question: Does your name have a special meaning or

A lot of us have names that have beautiful meanings we
don't even know about.

I like those little personalized key chains that have your
name on one side, and what that name means on the other

For example:
Joel - Jehovah is God (Hebrew)
Wes - from the west meadow (Anglo Saxon)
Ann - full of grace (Hebrew)
Jerry - mighty spearman (Teutonic)
Jim - the supplanter (Hebrew)
Katherine - pure (Greek)
Tom - the twin (Hebrew)
Rufus - red-haired (Latin)
Barbara - mysterious stranger (Greek)
Ron - mighty ruler (Teutonic Reginald)
Rick - wealthy and powerful (Teutonic)
(Shows how reliable names are!!)
Brett - a native of Brittany (French)
Justin - the just (Latin)

Question: Do you remember what it was like when you were
naming your children?

I don't mean to complain--but I lost 2 out of 3 times in
the naming process with our kids.

I wanted our first child, should it be a boy, to be named
after me. But Kathy convinced me that was old-fashioned,
inappropriate and basically a stupid idea. So when our
first boy came along and the nurse asked, "What do you
intend to name him?" I said, "RRRRR...Brett!"

When our second child came, we were discussing what to name
her if she were a girl. I contended for some really
"girlie" names like:
Dawn, etc.
But Kathy said, "Oh no. My name is Katherine, my family
has several Katherines...I want to name her Katherine." So
when little Katie was born and the nurse asked, "What do
you intend to name her," I said, "AAA...Katherine!"

However, when our third child came along I said, "I'm the
man of the house--if the baby is a boy--I'm going to name
him. I wear Justin cowboy boots so I'm going to name him
Justin." And I finally got my way...after I consented to
let Kathy g ...

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