Getting The Very Most Out Of Life by Rick Ferguson


JOHN 10:10

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This morning I have come here to talk with you about how you
can "Get The Very Most Out Of Life." I really do believe God
wants you
to get the very most out of your life. And God has a way for
you to get the
very most out of life ...

And yet, I see people everywhere settling for second best and
wasting their lives.

Ex: A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon I was called to a
home of a family in crisis. A fourteen year old girl had
gone to the basement and hanged herself that afternoon
and died. As her body was being carried out of the house
I thought to myself--what a tragic waste of life.

When the authorities carried out little Regina's body I thought
some words Jesus once spoke and I realized how true they really
are. In
John 10:10 Jesus said, "The thief comes only to steal and kill
destroy ..."

By the way--who or what do you think that thief is? ... It is
who is:
*very, very, very real
*very, very, very powerful
*very, very, very evil
*He is your arch enemy
*He wants to destroy your life

Then Jesus went on to say, "But I have come that you may have
life and have it to the full."

I want to tell you the truth about Jesus Christ tod ...

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