Built For Intimacy, Not Isolation by Rick Ferguson


GENESIS 2:4-7; 18-25

Copyright ¬ 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson. All rights reserved.
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from the New International Version unless otherwise indicated.

Question: Have you discovered you can be in a crowd and still
be lonely?
In todayÆs world, you can find yourself simultaneously ôstanding
in a
crowdö of people, and at the same time be ôstanding all alone.ö

How often have you sat in a crowded terminal of an airport
with thousands of people
swarming by you...and yet you were totally alone in that massive

How often have you walked down a crowded street with thousands
of people rushing by
you...and yet you were totally alone on that street?

Have you ever found yourself in a crowded shopping center and
hundreds of people were
elbow to elbow, pushing, shoving, grabbing, butting in line, and
you felt totally alone in a
pack of wild dogs?

Maybe you go home every day to a house you share with other
people related to you by
blood and marriage, yet you feel like you are 10,000 miles from
your family.

Have you ever sat in a crowded church and all around you
people were laughing, shaking
hands, talking and greeting, but you were there by yourself and
even in a church you felt all

Well, the facts are:

We live in an increasingly ...

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