Brokenness: The Evidence of God's Activity in Your Life by Rick Ferguson

Brokenness: The Evidence of God's Activity in Your Life
Rick Ferguson
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Question: If you went through a time of intense pain and suffering and disappointment, and you prayed and prayed and prayed--yet nothing seemed to happen--and no relief came, How Would You Interpret That?

*Would you wonder if God had abandoned you,
*Would you see that as God's customized activity in your life?

Would you interpret your pain and unanswered prayers as God's Abandonment or God's Activity?

I suspect if we were honest, every one of us has been through an episode in life exactly like I just described and probably everyone of us has at least once in our lives become discouraged and distraught and felt as though God had abandoned us.

Here is the principle that I want you to learn today--and I hope you learn it well--


''Brokenness is never to be seen as God's Abandonment. Brokenness is to be seen as God's Activity in our lives!''

Heb 13:5b Jesus said,'' Never will I leave you,
Never will I forsake you.''

Note: The words ''never, never'' in each case are double negatives in the Greek language, which express emphatic, absolute conditions. And the words ''leave and forsake'' are both located in the 2 aorist tense indicating point in time action.

A literal translation of Heb. 13:5b might be:
''Never, ever, ever, ever will I leave you for even one split second,
Never, ever, ever, ever will I forsake you for even one split second.''

Brokenness should never be interpreted as God's ''Abandonment.'' You need to interpret every episode of brokenness as God's ''Activity'' in your life.

The best example I know of this from the Bible is Job. You will remember, he was a man who enjoyed prosperity at God's hand. He was a godly man.

Then one day the bottom fell out of his life. He lost everything that was of any value to him including his business, his family, and his health.

Now let me ask you--if you had ...

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