Exalting The Savior! (5 of 7) by Ernest Easley

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Exalting the Savior (5 of 7)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 4-6
February 16, 2003

Tonight with our Bibles opened to Acts chapter 4...
we're thinking under the heading:


And I hope by now you know that...

As Savior... Jesus is building His church.
As Church... We are the body of Christ.
As to our Future... it is bright and certain.

Now when we think about Exalting the Savior... most of
us think about worship! I read this week about a woman
who walked up to the Pastor after a morning worship
service and said, "Pastor, I hope you won't take it
personal that my husband walked out in the middle of
your sermon."

"Well," said the Pastor, "To be frank, I must say that
I couldn't help but take it a little personal." The
wife said, "But it wasn't any reflection on you at all.
He's been walking in his sleep ever since he was a

Yes... we do Exalt the Savior through worship... but
also through our Unity... our Diversity... our
Interdependence and through the building up of our

Fellowship... Koinonia means to have in common... to
share a common life in Jesus... it speaks of having
community with one another... intimacy with one
another... joint participation.

And there are two dimensions to our fellowship:
Vertical which speaks of our fellowship with God;
Horizontal which speaks of our fellowship with one

The health of our Vertical fellowship with God
determines the health of our Horizontal fellowship with
one another!

And every one of us have to make a clear-cut decision
about our fellowship. Weather we're going to have an
exclusive fellowship or inclusive fellowship.

Your Sunday School class has to make that decision.
Are we going to be exclusive or inclusive?
The only way some people get can into some Sunday
School classes is to break in!

You don't have to announce to visitors ...

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