The Serving Church (6 of 7) by Ernest Easley

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The Serving Church (6 of 7)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 3.7-13
November 17, 2002

Years ago Albert Einstein was on a train and had lost
his ticket. When the ticket collector came for the
ticket, Einstein said, "Sir, I have seemed to have
lost my ticket."

Well... the ticket collector recognized him and said,
"Mr. Einstein, that's all right. I know who you are."

Well... about an hour passed and the ticket collector
saw Mr. Einstein on his knees looking for his ticket!
He said, "Mr. Einstein, that is not necessary. I
trust you." Einstein looked up and said, "Sir, it is
not a matter of trust. I don't remember where I am

Well... in Revelation chapter 3... we find a church
that knew where it was going! It was a mission-minded
church! It was a soul-winning church! It was a
sacrificial-giving church! And this God-blessed...
God-anointed church was located in the city of

Here was a church that existed to see others come to
know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! The
members were soul-consciousness! They saw everybody
as a prospect for Jesus!

They were quick to give a witness to people they came
into contact with! And because they were soul-
conscious... the city of Philadelphia became God-

And do you know what Jesus said to that church? "I
love you." Jesus Christ loves mission-minded... soul-
winning... need-meeting churches! I want to be a
part of a church that Jesus loves! I want to be a
part of a church that Jesus blesses!

Of all the churches of Asia Minor... this is the one I
would move my membership too! This is the church I
would support with my time and talents and tithes!
Their preoccupation with Jesus gave them the passion
of Jesus! And that passion was introducing people to
the live-giving... sin-forgiving... peace-providing
salvation in Jesus Christ!

No wonder Jesus said to this c ...

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