The Support Gifts That Equip The Church (4 of 16) by Ernest Easley

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The Support Gifts that Equip the Church (4 of 16)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Ephesians 4.11
July 7, 2002

Now join me tonight in the New Testament book of
Ephesians. We continue tonight unwrapping GOD'S GIFTS
OF GRACE! And it is my prayer that as your gift is
unwrapped... that it will never go unused!
When Jesus Christ comes into your heart... you
are given a part to fulfill. And that part is
determined by your "gift of grace" or a "spiritual
And the body cannot fully function when parts are
missing or when parts refuse to function! And in a
very real sense... RSBC cannot fulfill God's plan and
purpose without your contribution!
Now keep in mind that when spiritual gifts are
properly used... they unite the body, not divide it!
They will build up the body... not tear it down! But
because different gifts are given to different
people... sometimes problems occur.
There is the Possession Problem. It's like
children on Christmas morning unwrapping gifts. As
they are unwrapping their gift... they are looking
over at their brother or sister to see what they got!
They say, "Well... I got a new Barbie." "Well, I got
a new BB gun"... "I've got a new DVD player"... "I
have a new X-Box" and back and forth it goes.
Do you know what follows the Possession Problem?
The Performance Problem. We start comparing. "Well,
my gift is better than yours"... "My gift cost more
than yours." "My gift is more important than yours."
And we become competitive!
First there is the Possession Problem. It is
followed by the Performance Problem. And it is all
rooted in the Pride Problem. We start to feel
superior because of the gift! "I am more important
around here because of my gift!"
Well... before you start thinking too highly of
yourself... remember what Paul said in 1 Corinthians
12.7, "But the manifestation of the Spirit if given to
each one for the profit of all." Your ...

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