The Dream Church Of Every Pastor, Part 3 (4 Of 6) by Ernest Easley

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Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Thessalonians 1.1-7
September 8, 1999

We're continuing our study tonight about the
dream church of every pastor! And of course I'm
talking about the church at Thessalonica. So tonight
.. join me in the first chapter of the book of 1st

If you moved into the city of Thessalonica back
then .. you would want to join this church. I mean ..
this was the church to join!

Now I have to tell you that I see several
comparisons with that church and our church. I wish
every Bible-believing pastor in the Southern Baptist
Convention had the opportunity to pastor a church
like FBC Odessa before they retire!

Like the church at Thessalonica...we too
could be described as a church with works of faith...
a labor of love and patient of hope! And like the
church at Thessalonica .. our works of faith are
seen in the salvation of our members! Our labor of
love is seen in the service of our members! And our
patience of hope is seen in our steadfastness as we
anticipate the second coming of the Lord Jesus

But just as their are some comparisons with that
church .. there are also come challenges! I don't
know about you .. but men and women of God
challenge me to become more of a man of God!!
Don't they you?

And the same is true of churches. When I hear
about a church doing great things for God .. I don't
covet it .. I'm challenged by it!

And I would hope that our church challenges
other churches to become all they can for the Lord!
So .. there are some comparisons and some
challenges from this great church at Thessalonica!

Now remember...Paul established this church
on his second missionary journey. He was the
originator for taking mission trips! And how
wonderful we participate in mission trips at our

But let me tell you something that strikes me
about Paul. He wasn't just a missionar ...

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