Building Security In The Hearts Of Our Wives (3 of 5) by Ernest Easley

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Building Security in the Hearts of our Wives (3 of 5)
Genesis 2.24
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
July 11, 1999

Now take your Bible and join me in Genesis chapter 2.
This morning... we’re continuing our summer series of
messages under the heading: There’s No Place Like

Ruth Graham, wife of Dr. Billy Graham said that “Happy
marriages are never accidental. They are the result
of good hard work.” And what makes a happy marriage
such hard work is that men and women are so different.
No wonder that man came to his pastor and said,
“Pastor, I now know that marriage is a 3 ring circus!
First there’s the engagement ring. Second there’s the
wedding ring. And third, there’s the suffering.”

Someone once said that women often marry thinking they
will change their mate and men marry thinking their
mate will never change! Getting a husband is like
buying a house. You don’t see it the way it is, but
the way you think it’s going to be when you get it

Men and women are so different! Generally... when men
deal with a problem they begin with their head. A
woman will deal with the problem with her heart! Men
tend to look at the big picture and are goal oriented.
Women on the other hand tend to look for the details.
Men are hard pressed to show emotions. Women are more
sensitive and emotional. Men are initiators and women
are responders.

If you think the average American woman can’t take a
joke, take a look at the average American husband!

Men say, “I want success.” Women say, “I want

I read about a woman who went to the Doctor for a
physical. He told her that she was over weight and
needed to go on a diet. Well... that’s not what she
wanted to hear. So... she said, “Doctor, I’d like a
second opinion.” He said, “O.K., you’re ugly too.”

Now there’s a woman who is lacking in the security
department! Let me say to the husbands here t ...

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