The Valley Of The Deep Blue Sea by Ernest Easley

“The Valley of the Deep Blue Sea”
Matthew 12.38-41; Jonah 1-2
April 4, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
For several weeks now we’ve been thinking
together under the heading: Victory Comes Through
the Valleys. And we’ve learned from the pages of
God’s Word that as wonderful as the mountain tops
are . . . that we need to spend some time in the
Now I can hear somebody say, “Not me! I
don’t need the valley! Just give me the mountain
top.” Friend . . . you need valley time! It’s in the
valley you learn to trust God! It’s in the valley you
become like Jesus! God shows and teaches you
things while in the valley that He could never teach
you and show you while on the mountain top!
You see . . .God uses the valleys to get you back
in step with Him when you rebel against Him! That’s
what happened to the prophet Jonah. You remember
him, don’t you? God told Jonah to “go” and he said
“no” and ended up in a whale of a mess! I mean
he slept on a foam-blubber mattress . . . he had sea-
weed for a blanket and a fish for a land lord! I
suppose he could have written a best seller: “Jaws:
The Inside Story.”
Now somebody says, “Wait just a minute
Ernest Easley! Don’t you know that this is Easter
Sunday? I’ve come anticipating an Easter message
.. not a sermon about Jonah and that made up story
about him being swallowed up by a whale.”
Made up you say? Friend .. let me tell you
something about Jonah and the big fish! If you don’t
believe what happened to Jonah then you’re going to
have trouble believing in the bodily resurrection of
the Lord Jesus Christ! But on the other hand . . . if you
don’t have any trouble believing what happened to
Jonah . . . then you won’t have any trouble believing
the literal .. physical . . . miraculous resurrection of
the Lord Jesus Christ and I’ll show you why.
Take your Bible and turn please to Matthew
chapter 12. In the ...

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