What To Do When Sickness Strikes by Ernest Easley

“What To Do When Sickness Strikes”
James 5.13-15
April 11, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Now from the Word of God . . . I want to show
you what to do when sickness strikes! Does God
have a prescription for the sick? Well .. that’s what
we’re thinking about this morning as we continue our
series of messages under the heading: Victory Comes
through the Valleys.
Take your Bible and join me in the New
Testament book of James. And once you find it . . .
turn if you will to chapter 5.
This morning we’re looking at one of the most
misunderstood and misapplied passages found in all
the Word of God! And for that reason . . . we have
today hirelings and fakes that pass themselves off as
healers of the sick.
Now I believe the Bible teaches healing! If
there wasn’t healing you would die from the common
cold! But you’re going to find this morning that there
is only one kind of healing and that friend is divine
The physician can prescribe and the surgeon
can operate and the oncologist can pull the switch of
the radiation machine! But only God can heal!
Now . . . God can use them as instruments but
there is no kind of healing except divine healing!
Exodus 15.26, “For I am the Lord who heals
So . . . what do you do when sickness strikes?
You ask, “Ernest, but I thought becoming a
Christian exempt me from serious sickness.” Where
did you get that from? God makes the rain to fall on
the just and on the unjust. As long as you’re on this
earth . . . you’re going to experience mountain tops
and valleys! You’re going to experience happiness
and heartache! And that’s why knowing Jesus Christ
is so important!
Psalm 31.15, “My times are in your hand.”
That’s one reason it’s so wonderful to be saved. Now
that I’m saved . . . when the Bible says, “My times are
in your hand”. . . that means that every sickness ..
every affliction . . . everything th ...

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