How To Get The Most Out Of Life (10 Of 10) by Ernest Easley

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“How To Get The Most Out Of Life”
Ecclesiastes 11-12
September 13, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
For several weeks we have been learning
from King Solomon’s record of royalty. And
that record is found in the Old Testament book
of Ecclesiastes.
Now by now . . . your Bible should
automatically open to Ecclesiastes!! What
wonderful things we have learned about life
from this Old Testament book. In fact .. there
may not be a more practical book in the Bible
than the book of Ecclesiastes!
It reads like a diary from modern man.
You see .. we’re all on a quest for the best. All
of us are looking for serenity and satisfaction!
But rather than experiencing serenity and
satisfaction .. most people end up frustrated and
fed up! Do you know why?
Look back to Ecclesiastes 3.11, “He has
made everything beautiful in its time. Also
He has put eternity in their hearts ..” There it
is! That’s why you’re on a quest for serenity
and satisfaction. God has put eternity in your
heart. And having eternity in your heart causes
you to look at the things you’ve accumulated
and accomplished and cry out, “There has to
be more to life than this.”
And there is! Eternity! Friend .. that’s
why the things of this world will never totally
satisfy you. God has put eternity in your heart.
You and I are linked to eternity. And God
wants to take away your emptiness and replace
it with enthusiasm!
Now .. not the enthusiasm of watching
Mark McQuire hitting his 62nd home-run. The
word enthusiasm comes from two Greek
words: to be filled . . .. God. To be filled with
God! That’s enthusiasm! That’s excitement!
That’s enjoyment! To be filled with God!
How wonderful that God can replace our
emptiness with enthusiasm! How wonderful
that can take replace our monotonous life with
a meaningful life and He does it through a
relationship with Jesus Christ.
Well .. as we come to the e ...

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