How To Enjoy Life (8 Of 10) by Ernest Easley

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"How To Enjoy Life"
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Ecclesiastes 9
August 30, 1998

As you're finding the book of Ecclesiastes in
your Bible ... I want to ask you a question this
morning: Are you enjoying life? Now you be
honest with yourself .. all right? Are you enjoying

Somebody once said that the trouble with life is
that by the time you know how to play the game
you're too old to make the team!

That's why you need to spend some time in the
Word of God!! The Bible is God's play-book for life!
It gives you the right play to run as you make your
way to victory! It shows you how to live life to the

It may come as a surprise to some of you .. but
God wants you to enjoy life ... not just to endure
life! That's what I want to talk to you about this
morning from God's Word: How To Enjoy Life. So
.. take your Bible and turn please to the Old
Testament book of Ecclesiastes chapter 9.

Now Ecclesiastes is a record of royalty. It is
King Solomon's journal in his quest for the best.
And like a lot of people today .. Solomon realized
that his life was empty! He couldn't find satisfaction
for his soul!

And like so many people today .. Solomon was
just existing rather than living! He was just
enduring life rather than enjoying life! Here's a
man who had his pockets full but his life was empty.
Say ... do you know why so few people enjoy
life? I'll tell you why! Because their trying to be
happy without God! And if the Bible tells us
anything .. it tells us that we will not be happy
without God! Without God life is miserable but with
God life is marvelous!

Well .. from the 9th chapter of Ecclesiastes ... I
want to show you ...

How To Enjoy Life!

Ecclesiastes 9.1-10

Now as we learn How To Enjoy Life ...
Solomon gives us 3 timeless principles: Death is
Sure ... Life is Surprising ... and Wisdom is



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