Sinking On The Ship Called Sin (6 Of 10) by Ernest Easley

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“Sinking On the Ship Called Sin”
Ecclesiastes 7.20
August 16, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Now as we continue our study through the book
of Ecclesiastes . . . turn please to chapter 7. For
several weeks we’ve been reading this record of
royalty! That’s what the Old Testament book of
Ecclesiastes is all about. It’s the journal of King
Solomon and in it .. he records his quest for the best!
Last Sunday we heard how Solomon described
his soul. In fact .. his description reminds me of a lot
of people today. Look if you will to chapter 6.1,
“There is an evil which I have seen under the sun
..” All through the book of Ecclesiastes .. Solomon
uses the expression “under the sun.” That’s his way
of describing life without God!
You see .. God never intended you to live life
without Him! And what Solomon learned you need
to learn: life without God is empty!
Now look if you will chapter 6.3, “but his soul is
not satisfied with goodness ..” And again in verse
7, “. . . And yet the soul is not satisfied.” That’s how
Solomon described his soul! Not Satisfied.
Now let me ask you a question. Why didn’t
King Solomon have a satisfied soul? Why don’t you
have a satisfied soul? Well . . . with that in mind ..
look with me to chapter 7. It’s from this chapter we
find that the reason he had a soul problem is because
he had a sin problem. And when you have a sin
problem, you’ve got a soul problem.
Look if you will with me to Ecclesiastes 7.20,
“For there is not a just man on earth who does
good and does not sin.” Solomon discovered that
life “under the sun” was like living on a sinking
Now let me put that in terms you can
understand: Life without God is like living on a
sinking ship! Life without God is like traveling on
the Titanic!
As the passengers boarded the Titanic in
Southampton, England to begin their journey to New
York City .. the designer of the s ...

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