The Clock Is Ticking (2 Of 10) by Ernest Easley

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“The Clock is Ticking”
Ecclesiastes 3
July 19, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Now take God’s Word and turn please to the
Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. If you think the
Bible is an unrelevant book .. then you haven’t read
the book of Ecclesiastes. It describes most people
living in West Texas!
You ask, “In what way?” Well .. in this way!
Ecclesiastes is about our searching for satisfaction!
And what most people are searching for .. they’ll
never find and I’ll tell you why: You cannot be
happy without God!
I’m talking to some people today that are
spending their life searching for real happiness and
satisfaction without God. No wonder you’re fed up
with life!
Solomon was like that too! He was King in
Jerusalem and yet all of his power .. possessions ..
popularity .. prestige and pleasure couldn’t quench
his thirst! Solomon had it all! He did it all! And
like some of you . . . his pockets were full but his life
was empty.
Now . . . the first thing we find about Solomon’s
Quest for the Best was . . .
He tried Education! Ecc 1.17, “And I set
my heart to know wisdom . . .” Solomon tried to
educate his way to contentment. But he learned that
knowledge in your head without God in your heart is
just brilliant foolishness.
He tried Entertainment! Ecc 2.2, “I said
of laughter, “It is madness.” Solomon tried to grab
all the gusto that he could! He thought if he had
enough excitement in his life . . . that somehow that
would bring contentment to his life.
Ecc 2.3, “I searched in my heart how to
gratify my flesh with wine ..” But he learned that
“Wine is a mocker, Intoxicating drink arouses
brawling, and whoever is led astray by it is not
wise” (Pv. 20.1). Education .. Entertainment ..
He tried Extravagance. Ecc 2.4-7, “I
made my works great, I built myself houses, and
plan ...

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