Josiah: The King Who Found The Book (14 of 14) by Jerry Vines

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Josiah: the King Who Found the Book (14 of 14)
Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
II Chronicles 34, II Kings 22

This is the last of the godly kings in the line of the
kings of Judah. It will not be long until Judah will
be carried away into captivity. Josiah was the
grandson of King Manasseh we studied last week. I
called him the meanest king who ever lived. He indeed
was mean but he experienced a remarkable, wonderful
conversion. He was gloriously converted. His father
was a man named Amon. We are told in chapter 33 about
his father Amon in verse 21 and following. His father
Amon seemed to try to undo all the good that Manasseh
had done after his conversion. In fact, he was so very
bad that we are told in verse 24 that some of the
servants in the palace of King Amon conspired together
and slew Amon in his own palace.

In verse 25 it says, "But the people of the land slew
all them that conspired against the king of Amon and
the people of the land made Josiah his son, king in
his stead."

The people stepped in and did something about the
circumstances. The people made the selection of King
Josiah when he was just an eight year old boy.

It is interesting to study the life of Josiah because
among many of the things we are going to consider,
here was a young man who was predicted, by name, years
and years prior to his birth. Jot this verse down in
your Bible somewhere. In I Kings 13, verses 1 through
2 there was a prediction made by a man of God that
there would be a king whose name would be Josiah. The
very fact that his name is predicted ahead of time is
an indication to us that God had a great plan for his

Of course, you know that God knows all of our names.
God knows my name. God knows your name. We are not in
the Bible but God knows us. Just like he did for young
Josiah, He has a plan for every one of our lives.

Josiah becomes a king at the age of eight and the
Bible says that ...

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