Elijah, Payday Someday (8 of 14) by Jerry Vines

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Elijah, Payday Someday (8 of 14)
Series: Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
1 Kings 21-22, 2 Kings 9

When I was a young preacher I had two great preacher heroes. One was W. A. Criswell, pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. He's preached right here in this pulpit. The second one was Dr. R. G. Lee, pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, where Dr. Adrian Rogers is now the pastor. It was nothing for me to drive 100 miles one way and 100 miles back, in an evening, to go and hear one of those men preach. I did it many, many times. I loved to hear them preach. They were great, great preachers. Dr. R. G. Lee was an orator. His most famous sermon of all was entitled, Payday Someday. It was taken from the passage of Scripture which I'm going to use tonight.

The last time I heard he had preached that sermon over 1000 times. He lived into his nineties and he went all over the country, after he retired from Bellevue, and preached this sermon. I remember one time when we were living in Cedartown, Georgia, Janet and some others drove up to Rome to hear Dr. Lee preach Payday Someday. I heard him preach it many, many times.

Preachers of my generation had heard it so much and liked it so much that we could all preach it ourselves. In fact, I had his voice down. I could sound just like him. I could preach it just about as good as he could because it was such a great sermon and a unique and unusual sermon.

So, tonight, I 'm going to share with you the Scripture which is the basis for that great sermon, Payday Someday. Along the way, I will use some of the things he used in that particular message. It's so deeply ingrained in me I don't think I could prevent saying some of the things that Dr. Lee said.

Dr. Lee had a very unique way of introducing the sermon. He introduced the main characters of the sermon something like this. ''I introduce to you, Ahab, that vile human toad who squatted on the throne of Israel. I introduce to you Jezebel, that poisonous snake who coiled alongside him. I introduce to you Elijah, the Tishbite, the prophet of the living God, God's spiritual athlete.'' Then he inserted this 4th character. ''I introduce to you Naboth, a devout Jezreelite (Israelite).'' Those are the four main characters of the drama which will unfold for us tonight in the drama of Payday Someday.

We know Ahab. He was the wicked king of Israel. We are told in chapter 21, verse 25 that ''there was none like unto Ahab who sold himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord.'' Then we are told about his wife Jezebel, who was a king's daughter and a king's wife. The Bible says that his wife ''stirred him up.'' She was the evil influence behind him.

As our scene opens up this evening, I want to call your attention to,

I. The Selfish Desire.

We are told in the opening verses of chapter 21 that there was a man named Naboth who had a little vegetable garden close by the palace of King Ahab. King Ahab looked at that vegeta ...

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