David, God's King (3 of 14) by Jerry Vines

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David, God's King (3 of 14)
Series: Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
I Samuel 16 - II Kings 2

We took a look last week at King Saul who was man's king, the king they demanded. Now we turn our attention to David, who is God's king. David. One of the great characters in all of the Bible. David. Mentioned some 600 times in the Old Testament. David. Mentioned about 60 times in the New Testament. He appears on the first page of the New Testament and on the last page of the New Testament. David. Known in the 13th chapter as a man after God's own heart. David. A man whose heart was sensitive and open to God. Not a perfect man, as we shall see, but a man to whom God could get His message. A man who was responsive to the overtures of God in his life. David, the shepherd boy. David, the musician who composed so many marvelous songs. David, a warrior. David, a great king. David, a beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus. Not in his sinfulness, but a picture of a king on a throne. It was to the house of David that the Lord Jesus Christ came. It is upon the throne of David the Bible predicts that one day the Messiah, the Savior the Lord Jesus, will come. David's greater Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

David is greatly important to us and has a great deal of meaning to us as we study the Scriptures. When you come to I Samuel 16 and going all the way through Second Samuel and even into the first two chapters of I Kings, you have now the focus primarily upon this man David.

I can't take all of the things about David in one message tonight. This will be just a little cameo, a little snapshot of the life of David. I've just written a book about the life of David which has just been released, Pursuing God's Heart. We went through a study of about 19 or 20 weeks in the life of David. So tonight I'm to just put it altogether in a brief cameo and just learn the lessons God has for us from the life of David.

When you look at the life of David, I want to organize our study around several divisions.

I. The Waiting Years.

The early years of David's life are waiting years. They are years of preparation. God is getting David ready to be the king. There are several scenes in these waiting years of the young man David. In First Samuel chapter 16, we are told in verse 13 that Samuel anointed David to be the king. So early on he knew that he was selected to be the king. When David was just a shepherd boy Samuel called him out and anointed him and he knew he was going to be the king. But God is going to put him through a series of circumstances to teach him some very, very important lessons.

For instance, we see first of all, as him in the beginning days of his life as a shepherd boy. He is out in the fields as a shepherd boy, fighting the enemies of the sheep, the wolf, the bear and the lion. He is composing songs. Also his heart is in tune to God. Basically, he is just out there in the fields minding his own business. God just reaches out and calls him.

I a ...

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