The Beast Out Of The Sea (14 of 32) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Revelation 13

We are looking at some of the personalities that will
play significant roles in the period of time known as
the Great Tribulation. The Bible teaches, after the
rapture of the church when God's children are caught
away into heaven to be with the Lord, there will be a
period of time upon this earth (7 years in duration)
that will be known as a time of great tribulation.

During this period of time, several personalities come
into play. In the 12th chapter we have seen four of
these personalities. In verse 1 we are told about a
woman representing the nation of Israel.

We are also told about a dragon representing Satan. We
are told about the man-child which is a picture of the
Lord Jesus. Michael and the archangel who lead the
heavenly host in a battle in the heavenlies with Satan
and his angels. This will result in the final throw of
Satan and his demonic beings from access to heaven.

Now we come to chapter 13. The devil knows he has only
a short time left on this earth. He knows that his
days are limited. His time is short. In a rage he
moves about the earth doing everything he possibly can
in the remaining time which is his.

The 13th chapter begins by saying, “And I stood." Some
translations render that “and he stood," making this a
reference to Satan. If that be the case, then you have
here a picture of Satan. Satan, looking upon the sand
of the sea as if he is looking for someone on the
earth who will do his bidding. Satan is looking for a
man. If that be the proper translation, indeed, he
finds his man. We are told in these verses about a
beast arising out of the sea. As you study these
verses of the 13th chapter, there are 18 of them in
all, you will find that actually two beasts are given.

First of all, in verse 1, there is the beast out of
the sea. In verse 11, it says, “And I beheld and
another bea ...

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