The Tribulation Witnesses (12 of 32) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Revelation 11

If you have been following in our study of the book of
The Revelation, through these chapters and verses that
have to do with the period on the earth known as the
Great Tribulation, perhaps you may be thinking things
can't any worse. But they can. And they are going to
in the chapters we are going to study in the following

We are right in the midst of the blowing of the seven
trumpets. Back in chapter 9 and verse 13 we have the
blowing of the 6th trumpet. The 6th angel sounds in
chapter 9:13. Then in this 11th chapter, 15th verse we
are told, "And the seventh angel sounded."

Between the 6th and the 7th trumpet we have an
interlude, a parenthesis, that's almost two chapters
in length. Chapter 10 and now chapter 11 we are given
this interlude between the 6th and the 7th blowing of
the trumpets.

The 11th chapter is a rather difficult chapter to
understand. There are many different interpretations.
There are many different views about this. It is not
an easy chapter to interpret.

But I want to point out to you that the purpose of the
book of The Revelation is to unveil the Lord Jesus
Christ. In chapter 1:1 it specifically says, "The
Revelation, (the unveiling, the uncovering) of Jesus
Christ." So don't worry about a lot of the details.
If you don't understand it all, if you can't figure
out all of the details, don't worry a great deal about
it. If you can just see Him, if you can just get a
picture of the glory and the wonder and the majesty
and the might of the Lord Jesus Christ, then the
purpose of the book of The Revelation will have been

When you look at this 11th chapter you will find that
it divides itself into two scenes. In the first 13
verses we have an earthly scene. Then in verse 14-19
we have a heavenly scene. I want us to gather our
thoughts around these two scenes and ...

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