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Jerry Vines
Revelation 2-3

We are going to look in survey fashion to chapters 2
and 3 of the book of The Revelation. To get us going I
want to go back to the 1st chapter and read verses 19
and 20.

The book of The Revelation organizes itself this way:
chapter 1, chapters 2 and 3, and then chapters 4 to
the end of the book. John was told specifically how to
write it. He said, "Write things which you have seen."
That's what he saw in chapter 1. "Write the things
which are." That's what you will find in chapters 2
and 3. "Write the things which must be hereafter."
That's chapter 4 to the conclusion of the book of The

As you know the book of The Revelation is a book of
prophecy. We are told specifically in chapter 1, verse
3 that it is a prophecy. It says, "Blessed are those
who read and hear the words of this prophecy." That
means then, that a great deal of what you read in the
book of The Revelation has to do with future events.
In fact, the book of The Revelation is God's roadmap
for the future. When you study The Revelation God
shows us where history is going. If you really want to
understand what is happening in the world right now,
and if you really want to know what's headed in the
future, then you study the book of The Revelation.

In the course of this study of prophecy, we are told
about the seven churches of Asia/Minor. We have
already been introduced to these seven churches. They
are mentioned in chapter 1, verse 4. "John to the
seven churches which are in Asia." He mentions them
the second time in verse 11. "Write in a book and send
it unto the seven churches which are in Asia." Again
in the 20th verse he said, "The seven lamp stands are
the seven churches."

So he has already prepared us now for the next
movement in the book. He is going to give us in
chapters 2 and 3 the age of the churches. We are
li ...

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