Revival in a Bone Yard (8 of 12) by Jerry Vines

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Revival in a Bone Yard (8 of 12)
Series: Ezekiel
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 37

I suppose that Ezekiel 37, the vision of the valley of the dry bones, is the most familiar chapter in all of the book of Ezekiel. It was the setting for a very familiar Black spiritual. "Them bones going to walk around." Because of the knowledge of that song and because this passage of Scripture has been dealt with on so many occasions, it is very, very familiar.

It is found in the concluding section of the book of Ezekiel which gives to us Judah's future. God is trying to say to his people-there is a future. The Bible is a book of judgment. We read much judgment in the Bible. But the Bible is also a book of hope. If it was only judgment there would be, indeed, great despair. But the Bible doesn't leave us with a message of judgment. The Bible leaves us with a message of hope.

The children of Israel had just about lost their hope. In fact we are told specifically in verse 11 that the primary purpose for this vision is to encourage the children of Israel. Despair and pessimism filled the air. Some of the people of God who were in captivity were saying-it's all over, there's no hope, God can't do anything for us, the end is come.

Yet, God gives to Ezekiel this vision of the valley of dry bones to let the people know that there is hope and that there is a future for Israel. We are going to see that God promises that one day Israel will be restored to their land. They would experience a resurrection. They would also experience a restoration. God would restore to them the temple. We will study about that at the end of Ezekiel. God will do a wonderful spiritual work and there will be a spiritual revival among the people of Israel and there are predictions made about this.

The glory of the Lord is one day going to return. In chapters 9 - 11, in the early chapters, Ezekiel saw this vision of the glory of the Lord departing from the mercy seat and out to the door and out to the mount of olives and departed. But when you come to the concluding chapters of the book of Ezekiel you will find out that God predicts that one day God's glory would return and God's glory would fill the temple and God's glory and presence would be with the people again.

So, the primary reference is to the children of Israel. But I'm going to make some practical applications tonight and I think we are certainly proper to do this if we understand the primary reference. To make application to the nations, to make application to the church, to make application to the family, to make application to our personal life.

Let's consider the revival in a bone yard. First of all, in the opening verse, I want us to take a look at the bones.

I. The Bones.

In these opening verses Ezekiel tells us that the Lord gave him a vision of a valley of dry bones. We don't know if this was a literal valley and if they were literal bones or if this was just something that happened to him in the realm of ...

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