The Rightside Up Church (22 of 33) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Acts 17:1-9

We are tagging along with the Apostle Paul on his
second missionary journey. We move now from the
conquest of Philippi to the challenge of Thessalonica.
In the 17th chapter of the book of Acts we have the
remarkable ministry of Paul as it continues. There are
three primary cities which are given to us in this 17th
chapter. There is Paul's ministry in the city of
Thessalonica. There is his ministry in a little out-
of-the way place called Berea. Then there is his
ministry in Athens, Greece.

You will discover in looking at Paul's ministry in
these particular places that you find the varieties of
responses to the gospel. You will see, first of all,
rejection of the gospel. Some people reject the
gospel. Then you will find those who receive the
gospel. When you get to Athens you will find that like
many do today, there were those who ridiculed the
gospel. Three different responses. The same responses
back then and today and will always be to the gospel
of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, when Paul comes to the city of Thessalonica, we
learn one of the keys to the missionary strategy which
the Holy Spirit has laid out for us. Thessalonica was
one of the leading cities of Greece. In fact, it was
the second largest city. Sometimes when we read about
these places in the Bible we think they were little
places, but some of them were not. Thessalonica was a
rather large city of 200,000 people. It is still a
large city. Today it is known as Salonica. They've
taken off the 'thess' in front of it and just call it
now Salonica.

It had an excellent harbor in those days. It was a
business center. What I really want you to know is
that it was located on the Roman highway known as the
Egnation Way. What's that all about? That shows us the
strategy that the Holy Spirit is leading Paul to
follow. The Egnation Way was the main highwa ...

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