Which Door Gets You In? (19 of 33) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Acts 15:1-35

Have you ever been to a building and had a bunch of
doors and you didn't know exactly how to get in? You
wondered which door to use to get in? That's really
what Acts 15 is all about when you boil it down...
Which door gets you in?

We are going to look at the substance of the first 35
verses of this chapter. I want to deal with all of
them, but just try to distill it for you.

If someone were to ask you the question—how can I be
saved? What would your answer be? If you had to, in
a succinct, very brief statement, tell someone who was
desperately interested how they could come to know
Christ as their Savior, go to heaven when they die,
what would you say to them?

Let's just suppose that someone has had a terrible
accident. They are not going to live, just a few
moments of life remaining. You come upon the accident
and they look up and say to you, "I'm unprepared to
die. I'm not ready to die. How can I be saved?"
What would your answer be?

I think all of you would agree with me that this is no
small matter. No minor issue. The answer to that
question is the difference between heaven and hell.
Really the answer to that question is the difference
between a life of happiness and abundance today. So
we are dealing with a very, very important question.

The apostle Paul, back in chapter 14, has been a
missionary, going all over the Roman world preaching
the gospel. He has been preaching the gospel to those
who were not of the Jewish persuasion, but were
Gentiles. He was talking to them about how to be
saved. In fact, if you will look back in the 14
chapter, 27th verse, you will notice that he and
Barnabas told the church in Antioch all that God had
done with them and how he opened the door of faith
unto the Gentiles. So he is giving the report of how
God opened the door of faith to the Gentiles—how
Gentiles were being saved.

Every time God opens up a door there's somebody who
come along who wants to close the door or they want to
confuse the door so people won't be sure really which
door they can go in. When it comes to the matters of
salvation we find ourselves in the same situation
today. there are differences of opinion about how a
person is saved. There are some people who say, "The
door is faith in Jesus Christ." (Eph. 2:8) "For by
grace are you saved through faith." There are others
who say, "Oh, no, that's not the door at all. It's a
good door as far as it goes, but you have to go
through another door, the religion door—the church
membership door—in order to be saved." The question
before the house this morning is—how do you get in?
Which door gets you in?

We are going to follow through this 15th chapter by
means of a few words and try to answer the question
for you. The first word I want to use is the word -

I. ...

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