Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (16 of 33) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Acts 12:1-25

We are going to look at the entire chapter of Acts 12.
I'm not going to ready any verses to begin with, but I
will be referring to some verses as we move along. On
Sunday mornings we are in a series of studies through
the book of Acts which traces for us the history of
the early church from the resurrection and the
ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, carrying out the
Great Commission to begin in Jerusalem and go to the
uttermost parts of the earth, to its conclusion in
Acts 28 when the Apostle Paul is in the city of Rome
preaching the good news of the death, burial, and
resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Acts 12 is indeed an incredible chapter. It begins in
tragedy and concludes in triumph. You see a rather
unusual triangle in this chapter. You see a hostile
world attacking the infant church. You see a
beleaguered church praying and calling on God and you
see a prayer-answering God intervening in the

Let me give you a summary of Acts 12 and then we'll
move through some of these accounts. As we begin the
12 chapter of Acts we are told about the ruler Herod
the Great, or Herod the King, who arrests one of the
disciples named James and he puts him to death with
the sword. Probably beheaded him. When he saw that
this caused his popularity ratings to go up the Bible
says that he also arrested Simon Peter and put him in
jail. His plan was to kill him also. It must have
been greatly distressing to the church. So the Bible
says that the church began to pray to the Lord. The
Lord heard their prayers and He sent his "mission
impossible" angel into the jail cell of Simon Peter
and a light shown around, the chains fell off. Simon
Peter went on his way to the prayer meeting. You will
discover later on that Simon Peter found it easier to
get out of jail than he found it to get into the
prayer ...

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