What A Prayer Meeting! (7 of 33) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Acts 4:23-37

The last verses of Acts 4 really are quite a
contrast to the opening verse of the chapter. It
begins with the account of Peter and John who are
thrown in jail overnight and then they are brought
before the Sanhendrin, the Jewish Supreme Court. At
the conclusion of the chapter, having been released,
they return to their own people and they have a
marvelous prayer meeting. So in the first part of the
chapter you have a place of peril. In the last part
you have a place of prayer. In the opening part of
the chapter you find these disciples amid threatening
and opposition and scorn and ridicule. In the last
part of the chapter you find them in the midst of
sympathetic people. People who love them and know how
to pray and people who are in fellowship with them and
who encourage them. What a contrast between them on
trial and now they're going to a prayer meeting.

We are going to attend a prayer meeting this
morning. You don't think that interests you a great
deal? "It's only a prayer meeting, who wants to go
there"? But before this message is over you will
discover that it may have only been a prayer meeting.
But o what a prayer meeting it was. Seldom have we
ever witnessed a prayer meeting like the prayer
meeting we find here.

The secret of the strength of the early church,
the church in the book of Acts, is its prayer
meetings. Many times we say we would like to be a
church of the book of Acts. And we would. But you
cannot be like a church of the book of Acts until you
learn to pray like the people in the book of Acts

The secret of all spiritual power is prayer. A
powerful church is a praying church. One of the most
important aspects of our church here is the prayer
ministry of our church. Thousands of you are
committed to pray for your church every day. In our
Sunday School cla ...

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