What A Beautiful Gate! (5 of 33) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Acts 3

Is there somewhere on the earth that is very special
to you? Is there somewhere that has great meaning to
you? Something very special took place there. Is
there a spot on the earth somewhere that is special to
you and you might even want to call it a beautiful
place. You might say to me a variety of things. The
place where you met your mate is a special and a
beautiful place. Maybe you would go back to a church
where you received Jesus Christ as personal Savior and
you would say that a special, beautiful place. I used
to be able to go by the church where I accepted Christ
as a nine-year-old boy. The church has been torn down
now and when I go there I just go by a vacant lot.
But that is a very special place—a beautiful place.
Because in that church building on a Sunday night,
when I was a nine-year-old boy I invited Jesus into my
heart and into my life. Ever since that time that
place has been special. That place has been beautiful
in my life.

Perhaps if you had been interviewing some of the early
converts in the pristine days of the church of the
Lord Jesus Christ, one of those men you interviewed
might have been a little over 40 years of age. If you
had said to him, "Is there some place that is special
to you"? That man probably would have said, "Oh, yes,
there's a place that is very, very special to me. It
was a gate in the temple in Jerusalem. It was known
as the beautiful gate and I want to tell you what a
beautiful gate that was to me."

Well, the verses I have read from the book 3rd book of
Acts tell the story about this man and why the
beautiful gate became indeed a very beautiful spot for

Verse 1 tells us about Peter and John, these two
disciples, who are together going up to the temple for
the hour of prayer. So different in temperament—Peter
and John. Sometimes they had the tendency ...

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