The Blood Sprinkled Mercy Seat (9 of 9) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Exodus 25:17-22

These verses give us the instructions about the mercy
seat and how it was to be done.

We are now inside the cube-shaped room, known as the
holy of holies. It is 15' wide, 15'long, 15'high. It's
a perfect cube. In that holy of holies there are two
articles of furniture. There is the Ark of the
Covenant, which is a box. On top of that is an article
known as the mercy seat. Sometimes in Scripture they
are talked about together, but they are actually
separate. They are separate also in the teaching which
they convey to us. The ark is a wooden box, overlaid
with gold. The mercy seat was a slab of solid gold.
The word, mercy seat, literally means to cover. It
means a lid. "To cover or make atonement." It is a
slab which covers the ark.

The ark points to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
That ark beautifully symbolized the person of Jesus
Christ in Himself. The mercy seat is a beautiful
picture of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. What
Jesus came into this world to do for you and me—His

When we look at this mercy seat we see again the Lord
Jesus Christ, but not so much His person as His work.
we are given a description of the mercy seat in verse
17. We are told it is to be made out of pure gold.
There is no wood in it. Verse 17 tells us also about
the length and the breadth of it. When you look at
those dimensions you discover that they are exactly
the same of the ark. The same length, the same
breadth, so that the mercy seat perfectly fits. It
perfectly covers the ark.

I want to point out to you that there is no mention
made here of the thickness of this mercy seat. We know
how long it was, we know how wide it was, but we don't
know how thick it was. Being made out of pure gold, we
do know that this was beyond question the most
expensive article of furniture in the entire
Tabernacle. It ...

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