What A Beautiful Box (8 of 9) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Exodus 25:10-16

We are pursuing our study on the Tabernacle, the
Tabernacle in the wilderness, the Tabernacle of Moses,
as it is sometimes called. It was this tabernacle
where God's people, the Children of Israel worshipped
in the Old Testament time. In the New Testament time,
the Tabernacle had been replaced by a temple—a more
permanent building. Today, we understand that worship
is not a place. Worship is a person. But the Old
Testament Tabernacle is a beautiful picture to us of
the ABCs of salvation. It provides us a beautiful
picture of the person and the work of the Lord Jesus

Let's study about the Ark tonight. It was the priests
who were to carry this ark. There were specific
people who were selected. Only priests were allowed to
carry this ark.

At the sacred center of the Tabernacle, in the
innermost recess of the Tabernacle, the holy of
holies, at the central place, there is a beautiful
golden box. It is referred to as the Ark. The word,
Ark, means box.

Actually, you will discover that that golden box had a
lid—a slab of solid gold on top of it. They are
referred to, together, but in actuality they are
separate articles of furniture. Next week we'll take a
look at that slab that is called the mercy seat.
That's what covered the ark. But this evening we are
going to isolate the ark and talk specifically about
the meaning of this beautiful golden ark located in
the holy of holies.

The ark is referred to 180 times in the Bible. It is
one of the most prominent pieces of furniture recorded
in Holy Scripture. Sometimes it is referred to as the
ark of the testimony. Other times it is called the Ark
of the Covenant. It's called the Holy Ark. Sometimes
it is called the ark of God.

Remember that these articles of furniture are
pictures. It is God teaching truth by means of
pictures. The ark is a picture, a ...

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