The Son Will Arise (4 of 4) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Malachi 3:16-4:6

Regardless of how dark and dismal the day, God always
has His people. In the most difficult of times, God
has those people who truly love Him and who are
seeking to serve Him.

When we come to the concluding verses of the book of
Malachi, you will notice in verse 16 he begins by
saying, "Then." In the text, in the way the language
is worded, the "then" is placed in the emphatic
position. The purpose of this is to change the tenor
of the book. It is to give a different emphasis. It is
to turn attention now to a different group of people.

All the way through the book of Malachi, Malachi has
been dealing with a recalcitrant and a rebellious
people. God would make His appeal to their hearts and
they would respond by saying, "Wherein?" "Oh, yeah?"
"Oh, really?" All through that message of Malachi you
have this group of people. In fact, in chapter 3,
verse 5, he summarizes these people by saying about
them—they fear not me. They had no reverence, no
sense of awe, for the Lord.

"Then they that feared the Lord" (verse 16). One group
of people—no fear of the Lord. Another group of
people—they fear the Lord. He is making a reference
here to the remnant of the Lord. In every generation
God has His remnant. Sometimes they are referred to as
the Master's minority. Other times they are called the
faithful few on fire. Whatever the terminology may be
used, in every generation, always keep in mind that
God has a special people.

When the Lord Jesus Christ was born we had people who
were waiting for the redemption of Israel. There was
an old man named Simeon. There was an old lady named
Anna. They were awaiting the coming of the Messiah.
They were a part of the remnant in that day.

When you go to the book of The Revelation, you come
right into the midst of the Great Tribulation time,
the darkest time that will ever occur o ...

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