Country Preacher Come To Town (1 of 3) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Amos 1:3-7:10-17

These books we are looking at and studying are
categorized as the minor prophets. They are minor
prophets on the he basis of the size of the book, but
not on the basis of the substance of their message.
These twelve were prophets of God. The prophets of God
were very remarkable men. Unusual men. Out of the
ordinary men.

The prophets were those who were the spiritual
physicians of their day. It was their responsibility
to diagnose the case and to prescribe the cure. The
prophets were the Lord's trouble shooters. It was
their job to locate the trouble. Now, they didn't
cause the trouble, they just put a finger on the
trouble. You may remember a time when Ahab the king
got all out of joint because Elijah was preaching the
Word of God in his day. They had a confrontation and
Ahab said to Elijah: "Aren't thou he that troubleth
Israel?" Elijah said, "I have not troubled Israel,
but thou and thy father's house."

The prophets were the spiritual trouble shooters, they
didn't cause the trouble, they just put their finger
on the trouble. It's kind of like when a person goes
to the doctor with an ailment. The doctor asks, "Where
does it hurt?" You say, "Well, it hurts right over
here." The doctor puts his finger on it and you say,
"Ouch, that's it." Now the doctor didn't cause the
trouble, he just put his finger on the trouble.

That was the assignment of the prophet of God. It is
the assignment of God's preachers today—to be
spiritual physicians to diagnose the problems of the
time—to be the Lord's trouble shooters and show where
the problems are.

Amos was one of those kinds of men. He was from down
in the south. He was called to preach up in the north.
I think we will come to see that this man Amos was
indeed a country preacher come to town.

I want to introduce this man Amos to you and first of
all I want to talk about-


We learn from the book of Amos some of the things
about him. In fact we learn what his credentials are.
His name means to bear a burden. He is a burden-
bearer. When I look at that I think about how the book
of Malachi begins. Malachi begins by saying, "The
burden of the Lord to Israel by Malachi." The Lord
laid a burden of a message on the heart of this man
Malachi and he had to deliver it. There is a blessing
in the preaching of the Word of God, but there is also
a burden attached to it.

I think so many times of what the Apostle Paul said in
II Corinthians 11:28 when he's talking about all of
the cares and heartaches of his life. Then he says in
that verse, "the care of all the churches." There is
a burden attached to giving God's word. There is a
burden attached to being faithful to deliver what God
has laid upon your heart. So, Amos was a burden

You will also notice it says he is among the herds ...

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