How To Have A Good Fight (3 of 6) by Jerry Vines

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Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage
Jerry Vines
Genesis 30:1-2

I want us to take a visit this morning and look in on
another Bible couple. It is Jacob and Rachel. Theirs
was indeed a whirlwind romance. It had all of the
elements of a successful marriage. He was athletic and
gregarious. She was sweet and good-looking. Their
romance stood the test of time. Jacob is the one who
was willing to serve 7 years. He worked 7 years for
Rachel. They both had the advantage of a godly,
Christian heritage.

I want us to fast forward to the Scripture I have read
to you. We are eavesdropping on a family spat. Perhaps
it took place in the bedroom. Rachel is filled with
frustration. She vents her frustration on her husband
Jacob. Her words drip with criticism and contempt. She
says, "Either you give me children or I don't want to
live." Jacob responds with anger. He blows his top and
is totally frustrated. He glares at her and responds
defensively, "Who do you think I am in the first
place? Do you think I'm God?" He probably walks out
the room and goes to the camel races. Holy wedlock has
become unholy deadlock. Holy matrimony has become holy
smoke. Two people who obviously love one another are
at one another's throats.

Have you and your wife had a good fight lately? A
Gallup Poll was taken a few years ago and they
interviewed a number of couples. Four out of five of
those couples admitted that they had their occasional
marital spats. The pollsters admitted that they were
somewhat suspicious of the other 1/5th. Have you had a
good fight lately?

People don't marry with the idea of having a fight.
They don't marry with the idea of attacking one
another and abusing one another and getting involved
in a major struggle with one another. But if your
marriage is normal, somewhere along the way, you may
have your disagreements. I know that marriages may be
made in heav ...

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