The Ascension Of Jesus Christ by Jerry Vines

The Ascension of Jesus Christ
Jerry Vines
Luke 24:50-53
Acts 1:9-12

I've been preaching the Gospel for 47 years. The
longer I preach the more I understand what Paul meant
when he said, "I preach the unsearchable riches of
Christ." Every area and facet of our Lord's ministry
yields abundant riches, but one of the neglected areas
of His life is the event known as the ascension--When
Jesus left from this earth and was carried into
heaven. Unsearchable riches, indeed. Here is an
untapped mine of treasure. Here is an unfathomed
ocean of blessing. Here is an unexplored galaxy of

There are several crucial events in the life of our
Lord—five of them. There is the incarnation. There is
the crucifixion. There is the resurrection. There is
ascension. There is the exaltation.

The ascension of our Lord takes its place alongside
all of the others and it is inseparably linked to the
other four. In one of the first Gospel songs ever
written, Paul sings, "Without controversy great is the
mystery of godliness." God was manifest in the flesh.
Justified in the spirit. Seen of angels. Preached unto
the Gentiles. Believed on in the world. Received up
into glory.

The old writers used to put it this way. The
ascension marks the culmination of His earthly
ministry and the initiation of His heavenly session.
Jesus often predicted that He would be ascended back
to heaven. As our Lord traveled through this world
with a cross in his heart, He was homesick for heaven.
As He moved along, having exegeted God to men, He
longed again to be in the bosom of His Father. Jesus
said in John 6:62,

"What and if ye shall see the Son of man ascend up
where he was before?"

Then in John 17 He said, "Now, o Father, glorify thou
me with the glory which I had with thee before the
world was."

Twice in that chapter He says, "I come to thee." Jesus
not only predicted His ascension, but He dramatized
His ascension. At the beginning of His ministry He was
baptized by John. He was lowered into the water and
then He was raised out of the water. Lowered into the
water picturing death and burial. Raised out of the
water picturing resurrection and ascension. At the end
of His ministry He dramatized it again. In John 13 the
Bible says that Jesus "knowing that He was come from
God and that He went to God, arose from the supper,
laid aside His garments, girded himself with a towel,
and with a basin of water He began to wash the feet of
His disciples."

But that was not the end. The Bible says that when He
finished He took His garments and sat down again. He
laid aside His garments, took a basin of water—
picturing when Jesus Christ bathed our dirty souls in
the basin of Calvary. Then, having done that work, He
takes His garments again and ascends to the right hand
of the Father on high.

I want to talk to you tonight about this matter of the
ascension of o ...

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