When God Walks Out (4 of 6) by Jerry Vines

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Dr. Jerry Vines
Hosea 4-7

In the first three chapters of Hosea we have
considered his marriage. It is one of the most strange
and one of the most amazing marriage ever recorded in
history. God told Hosea, the preacher, to marry a
woman who was a prostitute. He did. Children were
born. It became apparent to him that they were not his
children. He confronted her and she went back to her
life of prostitution. In that condition she ultimately
hit the bottom, became a slave, Hosea saw her down in
the market place and he purchased her unto himself,
half-priced, brought her home and restored her as his
wife. Hosea's marriage.

Now, in chapters 4 to the conclusion of the book, we
have Hosea's messages. These messages are built upon
the marital experience which God gave to Hosea. It is
rather difficult to follow these chapters, these
messages of Hosea. There's not a great deal of order,
not a great deal of progress to them. They seem to
jump all over the place. Hosea darts from subject to
subject. He moves from picture to picture. Keep in
mind that Hosea is a man whose heart has been broken.
When your heart has been broken it is very difficult
to think in logical terms, or express yourself that
way. God has broken the heart of Hosea so he might get
a little bit of a understanding of the broken heart of
God when His people are guilty of spiritual harlotry,
spiritual prostitution, when they forsake Him and
begin to go after other gods. The King James way of
putting that is—whoredom.

We must also keep in mind in these chapters that have
a great deal of judgment in them, that when Hosea
delivered them he did not deliver them with hardness
in his heart, he delivered them from a broken heart.
That teaches us that when God has to give us messages
of judgment in the Bible, He does not give those
messages to us with vindictiveness and with hate in
His heart for ...

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