What A Day May Bring Forth (6 Of 8) by Jerry Vines

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Esther 6
Jerry Vines

I memorized a verse of Scripture early in my
Christian ministry‚ÄĒProverbs 27:1. Boast not thyself
of tomorrow, for thou knowest now what a day may bring
forth. That is a statement of truth in the Word of
God. I have seen illustrated over and over in my own
life through these years. It is a truth which is
powerfully illustrated in the life of Haman. The
last six words of that verse of Scripture are
fulfilled before our very eyes as we read this 6th
chapter of Esther. The first two verses of the
chapter are turning verses in this entire book. You
may remember back in the second chapter I encouraged
you to make a special mark on verses 21-23. What you
have recorded five years prior in chapter 2, verses
21-23, you have mentioned again in the 6th chapter, the
1st 2 verses. Chapter 2 is a key passage in the entire
book. Now, in chapter 6 we come back to that account
and it is a turning point in the entire book. This is
a book about the providence of God. A part of the
providence of God is the matter of timing. God
operates on schedule. God knows what he is doing and
in a 24-hour day it is amazing and stunning what a day
may bring for the.

Verse 1 says, on that night. That sounds rather
routine. It doesn't sound like anything big time is
getting ready to take place. Just a little night in
the palace of the king. Just a night in the life of a
man who holds the future of the Jewish people in his
hand. It's just a little thing. Does God work in
little things? God absolutely does. It is amazing
how God just takes little things, things that don't
seem to be very important and God is at work.

I think about the life of Moses, the great leader
of the children of Israel. When Moses was a little
baby, his mom put him in the ark of the bulrushes.
There in that ark, a daughter of Pharaoh saw the
little boy and the Bible s ...

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