Daddio (30 of 36) by Jerry Vines

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Daddio (30 of 36)
Series: Family Matters
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 6:4

I read a few days ago that NBC has a new television program this fall entitled DADDIO. When I saw that title, I became immediately interested because one of the terms of affection my children used to use for me was Daddio. Now, when they really wanted something, they would say, ''Father.'' But when they were just kind of playing around they would call me Daddio. So, I thought I would read a little bit about the program and see what it was going to be. Daddio is going to be a program that has to do with a father who decides to just chuck his job and become a stay-at-home father and raise his four children while his wife, who is an attorney, continues to work. As the story goes, it is going to be a funny and an interesting look at the changing roles of fathers and mothers in the new millennium. I have no idea whether the program is going to be good. I don't have any idea what kind of values it is going to portray. I'm personally not optimistic about it. But I was interested to notice that there is a new program called Daddio.

I thought about when I was coming along in my teen years in the '50s. One of the leading television programs at that time was entitled FATHER KNOWS BEST. The father in this particular program back then was the noted actor, Robert Young. He played the part of an insurance agent. He would come home in the evening, put on his comfortable sweater, and then he would address the problems of the family during that day. He would face every problem with thoughtful, mature responses. When there was a crisis he would answer the crisis with a warm smile and some sensible advice. Always when the program was over Father Knows Best. Daddio. Father knows best. Then what the Scripture says, ''father provoke not your children to wrath.''

Parenting has become, of course, one of the main enterprises of those of you who have children. It is an assignment that has been give to you by God and it is also an assignment that you have chosen for yourself when you made the decision to bring children into this world. The Bible speaks to every situation and every circumstance and every relationship in life. There's a beautiful balance in the Bible. in the first verses of this chapter God directs the words to children and gives the responsibilities of a Christian young person, Spirit-filled young person in terms of their response to their parents.

Now, to give the balance on the other side, the Bible speaks a word to fathers. The word, fathers, here is used in Hebrews 11 to refer to the parents of Moses. The translation there is ''parents.'' So, I'm sure you would understand that what we say about the father is also something that could be said about the mother as well. But it seems to me that the Holy Spirit has put the focus upon the role of the father in the family responsibility. As the head of the family, he is also to be the head in assuming responsibility for the wel ...

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