Order In The House (27 of 36) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Ephesians 22-24

I'm calling this little series within a series "Family
Matters." In pursuing our study of the book of
Ephesians we have found that there are two primary
emphases in this book. The first part of Ephesians
has to do with our riches in Christ. He lays before
us the doctrinal truths which show us how rich we are
in our Lord Jesus. Then when we come to the latter
half of the book of Ephesians he talks about our
responsibilities in Christ. Building on Christian
doctrine, he now applies that doctrine to the various
behaviors and attitudes in relationships of our lives.
In Ephesians 4 and 5 he pursues the theme of our walk
in the Lord. Not talking just about taking the steps
with our legs, but he is talking about our daily
behavior. How the Christian faith impacts our daily
behavior. "Walk in love." "Walk circumspectly." And
on and on.

Now he moves into the area of our Christian
relationships. How our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
impacts the relationships we have in our life. I
guess of all the relationships that you and I
experience in life, there is none more intimate or
complex than is the relationship in the family. The
relationship between husband and wife. The
relationship between parent and sons and daughter.
These are very vital relationships. I'm certainly not
an authority on family life. What I'm having to say
in this brief series does not even begin to touch the
hem of the garment of all that is involved and all
that you and I need to know about how to make our
families function correctly and what they ought to be.
I'm trying to show you in the overall context of
Scripture how the family relates together and how the
members of the family connect to one another.

I remind you again of the context in which we study
these verses. We looked at verse 18-21 and talke ...

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