The Upper Room (2 of 33) by Jerry Vines

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THE UPPER ROOM (2 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 1:13-26

When Jesus came from earth to heaven He was born, He
lived, He rose again. We call those events "the
incarnation." When Jesus Christ got ready to go back
from earth to heaven from whence He had come, He rose
again, He spent 40 days on the earth appearing and
disappearing before His disciples. Then the Bible
says "he was taken up". In fact, four times in
chapter 1 we are told that Jesus was "taken up".
Right before the eyes of the disciples, the Lord Jesus
Christ was carried back to heaven.

When He came we call that the INCARNATION. When He
returned we call that the ASCENSION. So, the
disciples of Jesus who had witnessed this rushed down
the Mount of Olives, they go into the city of
Jerusalem, their eyes are still filled with the scenes
of the ascension. Their ears are still filled with
the wonderful promises of God. The promise that this
same Jesus is going to come back to the world one of
these days. The promise that in just a few days the
Holy Spirit would come and they would receive power to
be witnesses of the living Christ, beginning where
they were, and to the ends of the world.

When we look at these verse we are told that the
disciples were gathered together in an upper room.
Literally it says, "the upper room". We like to
think maybe this was the place where the Lord gathered
His disciples in an upper room for the Lord's Supper.
Whether that is true or not, and the place is not the
thing that really impresses me, what really impresses
me is that the disciples are being obedient to what
the Lord had told them to do. Jesus said, "Tarry in
Jerusalem. Sit down in Jerusalem until you are endued
with power from on high." Jesus said, "Wait for the
promise which will be given to you not many days
hence." So, it was necessarily the place, it was
obedience to the command of the Lord.

When you look a ...

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