What's Ahead For The Church? (12 Of 12) by Jerry Vines

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CHURCH 2000 (12 of 12)
Revelation 3:20-22
Jerry Vines

What does the future hold for the church? In
many circles the forecast is very pessimistic. Some
say that the church is on the way out. That the
church is just a relic of a religious past in America.
That we are now in modern times. We are in a new
culture and do not need the church anymore. So they
are forecasting the decay and the demise of the

I think all of us, when we look around at our
world, are aware of the fact that things are going to
be different. There are going to be changes. Life in
the church is not going to be in the future what it
has been in the past. Of course there are some
changes that are inevitable and desirable. On the
other hand there may be some changes that are damaging
and undesirable. So we need to know what the Bible
has to say about it. Though the methods may change,
we must be very clear that the message of the Lord
Jesus Christ never changes. The needs of the human
heart are the same in all the ages. From the fall of
man in the Garden of Eden, the human heart has
basically had the same needs that people have this
very day. So the message of the death, burial and
resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ will never, ever

But what is ahead for the church? Does the Bible
give us any indication? Does it set any direction for
us to help us understand what to look for and what to
expect in the days of the future? The answer to that
question is in the affirmative because the Bible does
tell us what is ahead for the church.

I want to use some words tonight that you might
want to write down and we'll study this subject around
these particular words in this message. The first
word is a familiar word to most of you in our
congregation. It is the word apostasy.


When you look at the book of the Revelation there

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