Let The Church Be The Church (6 Of 12) by Jerry Vines

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CHURCH 2000 (6 OF 12)
Acts 2:41-47
Jerry Vines

Our purpose in these studies about the church is to
help us find out what the church is and what the church is
intended to do. In order to answer those two questions we
come to the New Testament and look at the pattern of the
church as it is revealed to us in the New Testament.

To see the pattern of a church in the New Testament
can be a blessing and it can be a burden at the same time.
When you see the church as it is intended to be in the
ideal and then you take a look at the actual and see what
churches are today, it can be something of a frustrating

So, it's a blessing to read in the New Testament what
a church is intended to be but it can be a burden to us and
frustrating to us when we see how far we are from the New
Testament norm. For that reason some people become very
critical of churches. Other people leave the church
altogether. They say, "Well, Jesus is fine, but I'm not
interested in the church." Still others seeking to find
the purity of the New Testament pattern, go and begin other
churches trying to say, "We are going to start it and build
it as close to the New Testament as we possibly can."

Rather than allowing it to frustrate us and rather
than it becoming a burden to us. I think we ought to read
and see the New Testament pattern and let it be a call to
us to renew our commitment to do every thing we can to help
our church be everything a church is intended to be and do
everything a church is intended to do. Let the church be
the church. That's what I'm trying to say to you. I do
believe it is possible, even in the 21st Century for local
churches to approximate the New Testament pattern. We'll
never be everything the New Testament teaches a church
ought to be, but I think we can be making progress and
moving in the direction of what God wants our church to be.


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