Open My Eyes, That I May See (5 of 36) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Ephesians 1:15-23

Tonight I'm just going to cover a portion of this
Scripture. There's just too much good "stuff" here
not to take our time. But what we have in verse 15 to
the end of the chapter is a prayer. I don't like to
dissect a prayer, necessarily, but I think there a lot
of wonderful truth here. Because of that I'm going to
break it up into two studies. The apostle Paul has
given us this prayer under the inspiration of the Holy
Spirit. Have you ever heard such a prayer in your
life? Isn't that a magnificent prayer!

When I was a young preacher boy, my first year in
college, there was a very fine Christian young lady
who I suppose about that time was a senior. We had
vesper services on our campus in the evening after
dinner and I would go to the vesper services and
different people would speak or bring devotionals and
would pray. I remember that Mary Ann, when she would
be the one who would pray, would read a prayer that
she had written. Keep in mind I was a young preacher.
There is probably nothing that knows more about less
and less than a young preacher. Somebody said a young
preacher is like a wasp. He's bigger at birth than at
any other time the rest of his life. I had all the
answers and I didn't like it at all that she read a
prayer she had written out. I said, "When you pray,
you ought to pray. You ought not have to write it.
Who ever heard of written prayers?" So, I was a
little bit embarrassed some time later when I began to
study the Scriptures and find that some of the
greatest prayers ever prayed were written down and
recorded in God's Word, the Bible.

The Bible will mess up a lot of your preconceived
notions; you do know that, don't you? This Scripture
passage is a written prayer. I don't think for a
moment that is a prayer that Paul prayed at the
beginning of a morning s ...

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