Going To Heaven God's Way by Jerry Vines

Romans 3:21-26
Jerry Vines

Periodically, religious polls are taken of the
American people. Sometime ago a poll was taken and
the question was asked, "How many of you believe there
is a heaven?" The overwhelming majority of American
people do believe that there is a heaven. In
addition to that the question was asked, "How many of
you believe you are going to heaven when you die?"
The overwhelming majority again said, "I believe I am
going to heaven when I die." So it seems most of us
believe there is a heaven and the majority of us
believe that we are going to heaven when we die.

I remember hearing a spiritual we used to have a
number of years ago which said, "Everybody talking
about heaven, ain't going there." It is not true that
everybody is going to heaven. The Bible does not
teach that. But I think everybody wants to go to
heaven. In all these years I have been talking to
people about their personal relationship with the
Lord, talking about death and eternity, I have never
encountered anybody who said to me seriously that they
did not want to go to heaven when they died. I think
every rational, normal, sane person would have to say,
"I know I'm going to die, I know there's an eternity
out there, and I want to go to heaven when I die."
The question is—are you going to heaven when you die?

We illustrate it this way sometimes. We talk
about a person dying and going to the gates of heaven
and we say that St. Peter is there. The Bible doesn't
say that he is at the gates of heaven; but for the
purpose of our illustration, let's just say that you
get to heaven, knock on the gates of heaven, and St.
Peter comes and says to you, "What right do you have
to come into God's heaven?" If that were the question
asked to you when you to the gates of heaven, what
would you say? What would be your answer to that
question—what right do you have to go ...

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