What the World Needs Now Is Love by Jerry Vines

What the World Needs Now Is Love
Jerry Vines
John 3:16

Dr. Sumner Wemp is a great friend of our church. He has spoken on numerous occasions at a variety of retreats and other activities. Dr. Sumner said that when he was a member of the faculty of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago one of the young students came to see him with a number of problems. He was sharing those problems with him. Dr. Sumner said that as he listened to the problems of the young man he looked at the young man and said to him, ''I love you.'' He said when he did the boy looked at him for a moment and then just burst into tears. He said, ''Dr. Sumner, never in all my life has anyone ever told me they love me. My father, my mother, no one has ever told me that they love me.''

I thought about that story a lot and I thought about a popular song a few years ago that says, ''What the world needs now is love, sweet love. That's the only thing that there's too little of.'' We are living in a world that is starving for love
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