The Crown Of Thorns by Jerry Vines

John 19:1-5
Jerry Vines
From now until Easter we are going to talk about the cross. I’m calling this series
of messages “At The Cross.” I would like for us sing that wonderful refrain “At the
Cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light. And the burden of my heart rolled away.
It was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day.”
Sometimes I think it would be an interesting career to be an archeologist. You
may notice in the newspaper from time to time, especially in the St. Augustine area, that
archeologists are working, digging in the ruins of previous civilizations. They are trying
to learn something about the life and the activities of people who lived at a different time.
As civilizations progressed and build one upon another, there are layers of dirt
that are placed in a particular area. As you dig down into them you can find different
periods of time and by going through these ruins you can find something about their
civilization and what life was in those days.
An archeologist is someone who digs in ruins and they find out about past human
life and activity. Someone has said that an archeologist is someone whose career lies in
ruins. So, they are reaching down all of the time.
Agatha Christie said, “I married an archeologist because the older I grow, the
more he appreciates me.”
An archeologist appreciates old things because they learn a great deal of
information from the objects they find in those strata of soil.
Well, I have been digging in John 19 which is a beautiful chapter about the cross
of the Lord Jesus and what Jesus did for us that day on Calvary when He died on the
cross. I’ve been digging around there and I have found some very interesting objects
which tell us the purpose and the meaning of the cross of our Lord. The most sacred spot
on the earth is the place where Jesus died on the cross for our sins. At the cross, at the
cross, indeed, where I first saw the light and the burden of my heart rolled away.
I want us to look at the first object I find as I dig into John 19. In the opening
verses I read about the crown of thorns which Jesus wore as He was crucified on the
cross of Calvary. When you read your Bible you will find along the way that thorns are
mentioned. They are mentioned for the first time in Genesis 3 in the Garden of Eden.
There sin entered in and we are told that because of sin there was a curse placed upon the
ground and in thorns and thistles we would be able to get a living out of the soil.
As you move through the Bible you will find that thorns and thistles in the Bible
are worthless. They are considered no good and are only to be thrown away and
discarded. Sometimes thorns were used as instruments of punishment. Sometimes they
were used to inflict pain and judgment on other people. It is a rather interesting thing to
notice that when the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ ...

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