Journeys Of Paul Trip: Ahu And You by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 15:1-8
Jerry Vines

I’m going to share with you something I think will be a blessing to you. A little bit
about the trip I took on the missionary journeys of Paul and a wonderful experiences the
Lord allowed me to have on that trip. To kind of get us started turn to I Corinthians 15.
These are words that Paul addresses to one of the congregations in one of the
cities where he journeyed on his second missionary journey.
For a number of years I have had the desire to be able to take a trip to some of the
areas of the missionary journeys of Paul. It’s been my privilege, on many occasions, to go
to the land of Israel where our Lord was born and where He conducted His ministry, and
where He died on the cross and rose again from the dead. But there were certain areas,
particularly in Greece and also in Turkey, where I had not been able to go. I really wanted
to complete my Bible picture by going to those places. So, on October 14, I boarded the
plane out here at Jacksonville Airport, flew to Atlanta, went from there to Zurich,
Switzerland and from there on to Athens, Greece. In Athens we boarded a ship, a
Mediterranean cruiser. This became my home for the ten days of the trip. It carried us to
various ports to make it possible to move into the land of Turkey and into the land of
Greece and see these various places.
In conjunction with this tour I was able to see some of the locations of the cities of
the seven churches of Asia-Minor. I guess one of the great highlights of the trip to me
was to go to the island of Patmos and there go into the very cave where the old apostle
John received the revelation which God gave to him which is recorded in our Bible as the
last book--the book of The Revelation. It was a tremendous blessing spiritually for me to
go to the island of Patmos.
Paul, on his second missionary journey moved all the way across Asia-Minor and

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