Unchanging Christ In A Changing Culture by Jerry Vines

Hebrews 12;27-29, 13:8
Jerry Vines

This is the second Sunday of the new year and I always like to
bring a message around the thought of a new beginning and a new year
and the thought of change.
We are living in a world of change. Change is stamped on
everything earthly. Nature changes. We move from the lazy, hazy days
of summer to the autumn breeze and the falling leaves. Everything
around us is in a constant state of change.
Styles change. Around Christmas time I was looking at some of the
pictures of our family and it’s rather interesting to look at how
styles have changed through the years. I was looking at men’s neckties
in particular. They go from one extreme to the other. Some of those
ties in the pictures look like shoestrings around your neck. Then you
got to another period of time and they started looking like table
clothes tied around your neck. We are living in a time when styles
I heard about a boy who decided to get a new hair style. He
started parting his hair from ear to ear, combing it forward and
backward. Someone said, “How do you like your new hairstyle?” He
said, “O, I like it all right, but people keep coming up and whispering
in my nose.”
Hair styles changes. The way people dress changes. School
changes. All of our young people are back in school now. There have
always been problems in school. I heard about a mother who wrote a
letter to her son’s teacher. She said, “Dear Teacher, Tommy is sorry
that he whistled in your class and he won’t do it anymore. Signed,
Whistler’s Mother.” There have always been problems, but we have seen
things change drastically in our school system. We have gone all the
way from the days when the problems were throwing spitballs and chewing
gum to gang rape and drug abuse and sometimes even murder in the
schools. Things change.
Things are also changing in church. Things d ...

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