Facing the New Year Without Fear by Rex Yancey

Facing the New Year Without Fear
Rex Yancey
James 4:13-17

Have you noticed how many coaches do not want their quarterbacks making decisions? The following story reveals how this procedure can sometime backfire.

The starting quarterback was injured and had to leave the game. The number two quarterback was sick and did not even dress out. This left only the freshman quarterback who did their punting but had no experience as a college quarterback. But the coach had no choice but to send him in.

It was first down, but the ball was on their own three yard line. The coach said, ''Son, I want you to hand the ball off to Jones for the next two plays and let him gain a few yards. Then I want you to punt.'' The young quarterback did as he was told.

On the first play, Jones ran for fifty yards. On the second play, he ran for forty five yards. With the ball on the two yard line, the quarterback received the snap, stepped back and punted the ball into the stands.
As he came off the field, the coach grabbed the young quarterback and asked, ''What in the world were you thinking about when you called that play?'' The quarterback answered, ''I was thinking what a dumb coach we have! Both the coach and the young quarterback presumed on some things.

In our text today, the presumption is not on the part of the football player and coach, it is on the part of Christian people.

James suggests that there are three things that we can do concerning God's will. We can ignore his will, disobey his will, or obey his will. God allows us to call our own plays. However, we are responsible for the plays we call.

James did not forbid planning ahead; neither does he rebuke honest business practices. Proverbs 6:6-8, ''The ant prepares her food in the summer.'' But he does give us an eternal word about facing the future.

V. 13 gives no mention of God whatsoever. There is no mention of God's will, or God's plan. He has not consulted ...

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