The Little Horn With The Big Mouth (8 Of 8) by Jerry Vines

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Daniel 8
Jerry Vines
MN #8

This has to be one of the most remarkable chapters in the entire Bible. It is a
scintillating proof of the accuracy of the Word of God. Young people, if you ever
encounter somebody who says the Bible isn’t true, that it’s just a book made up by man,
refer them to the material in Daniel chapter 8. Nobody could write Daniel chapter 8. No
human being, no human mind could devise the things that are contained in Daniel 8,
which have received a remarkable fulfillment already in human history.
Daniel 8 is really an expansion and an amplification of the first vision that God to
gave to Daniel in Daniel 7. In the opening 6th chapters we have some personal chapters
that talk about Daniel, his commitment to the Lord and his faithfulness to the Lord in
days of captivity. Now in chapter 7 to the conclusion of Daniel’s prophecy, we have a
series of visions and revelations which God gives to Daniel. It’s not necessarily
chronological, although at the beginning of chapter 7 and now again at chapter 8, he
specifies when these particular visions were given. I want us to follow the vision and see
what god gives us in this chapter and show you how God has fulfilled much of what we
have here already in history, and assures us that what is yet to be fulfilled will be fulfilled
just exactly as the past has been.
I. The SETTING of the Vision.
God gave Daniel this vision in a particular setting. There is one matter that is not
apparent in your English translation. That is at this particular point the language shifts
again from the Aramaic to the Hebrew. For several chapters of the revelation God gave
to Daniel was in the Aramaic. Primarily the material there was directed toward the
Gentile people.
Now, in Daniel chapter 8, God is going to speak again in particular to the Jewish
nations and so we find a change in language from the Aramaic to the Hebrew. ...

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