Stay Tuned For A Word From God by Jerry Vines

Job 38-41
Jerry Vines

To this point in the book of Job there has been a great deal of talking going on. The friends of Job
have strongly suggested that what Job needs is a good talking to from the Lord. In fact, Job himself has
been clamoring for the Lord to show up because he wants to have a talk with the Lord also. All through
Job's discussion, as he goes through the heartaches and the sorrows he is experiencing, he cries out, "Oh,
that I could hear God, oh, that God would speak to me, that I could just get a word from God." But there
is no voice from God. Job has been knocking on the door of heaven and yet there is no answer from
heaven. It is only when Job shuts up that God shows up.
The Bible says that the Lord spoke to Job out of a whirlwind, out of a violent storm. Job wanted
to meet God in a courtroom. He met God in a storm. Most of us had rather God speak to us out of the
sunshine. Most of us don't want God to talk to us out of the storm. But you and I cannot dictate to God
how He is to speak. You and I cannot tell God how He is to speak His message to our heart. If you think
you can pin God down, I'm here to tell you that God will pin you down. So, Job who has been asking for
God to speak is going to get his request but it is not going to come in the way that he thinks it is.
The Lord says to him in verse 2 - "Who is this who is doing all this talking, but he doesn't know
what he's talking about." In verse 3 it's as if he's saying, "Now, pull yourself together, Job, I have some
questions for you and I want some straight answers."
At this point Job begins to speak to the Lord in an altogether unexpected way. It is surprising, if
you have never studied the book, to see what God does at this time. Job has some questions he's been
as ...

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